Only an act of true love can thaw a  f r o z e n   h e a r t.

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@ellenmarano: Laura shooting another cover for a magazine!

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Teardrops in your hazel eyes…

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not letting dumb people ruin things for you increases your quality of life by 1000%

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whos ur tumblr friends?

— asked by Anonymous


Anthena ( rosslynchz) the best friend wifey
Andrea ( rass-lynch) the flowery gf
Wingna ( crazypsycho-ninja) the queen
Elly ( converseandhighheels) the most amazing mom
Zoë ( cantforgetaboutr5) the BAE
Sammie ( im-a-brilliant-filmographer) My baby
Sarah ( maimitch) the all time queen tbh
Jocelyn ( r5poops) the funny buddy
Jessica ( rikermoon) the best babe (AND MORE OTHERS SHH OUR PLAN IS SECRET)
Alex ( allymoons) aka the other wifeyy
Sofi ( laurmaries) the twin (that I love a lot btw)
Molly ( rydelly-belly) the ‘we should talk more’ friend
Nini ( awgross) THE FRIEND
Ida ( stuckinfandoms) the skype friend (ily)
Anna ( reydel) aka the smart dude
Laura ( shormarie) the ‘ross sang drank in love at my concert’ homie
Eli ( rockysgreenguitar) aka the babe
Emily ( lynchablez) the flawless babe
AishA( fuckross) the german princess
AureliA ( aur5) the funny bae
Emily ( rockemallnightlong) princess (Rocky’s her bitch)
Randi ( 2old2befangirling) the master
Kristina ( r-rydel) ‘the biggest rydel girl’ buddy
Saidee ( r-5sauce) the ‘I LOVE U MORE’ bae
Shahrina ( padalelcki) aka ‘we’ve only talked like once but idc’ pal
Nikoo ( oceantoyourshor) aka the teen beach movie friend
Bella ( allr5facts) aka the sunshine
Naomi ( austinmoonvevo ) aka ’ u are cooler I swear’ friend

oh and ofc my Romanian girls

Hope I didn’t forget anyone :)

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@rossr5Reposting pictures that my mom takes of me… Haha

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My relationship with my followers

Me: ask me anything guys, nothing is off the limits.
Me: okay, I'll just reblog some pictures.
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